GED® Testing Regulations

An individual is eligible to take the GED® Test given they meet the guidelines listed below:


    + 17 years of age or older

    + is not a high school graduate or a GED® graduate*

    + has maintained residence in the State of Illinois for thirty days.


Note: If an individual is of school age and has been enrolled in a public, private, or a home school setting in the last 12 months, he/she must present a withdrawal letter from the last school enrolled before taking the GED® Test.



1. A $50 application fee (cash or money order only) paid to the Regional Superintendent of Schools for the purpose of taking the GED® Tests, and issuance of the certificate upon successful completion of the GED® Tests and the Constitution examination.


2. Each GED® Test, with the exception of the Language Arts: Writing Test, requires a $10 retest fee. A $15 retest fee is required for the Language Arts: Writing Test.



How Should I Prepare for the Tests?

Local school districts and community colleges offer adult education programs free of charge which provide the instruction you need for the tests. You can discuss with the adult education instructors whether you need to study for all the tests or if you only need to brush up on your skills in a few areas. Call (800) 321-9511 to locate GED® preparation classes offered in your area.

Constitution Examination

In addition to the five GED® Tests, Illinois residents are required to satisfactorily pass an examination on American patriotism and the principles of representative government as enunciated in the American Declaration of Independence, the Constitution of the United States of America, and the Constitution of the State of Illinois, as well as on the proper use and display of the American Flag as provided by Section 27-3 of The School Code of Illinois.


Qualified Illinois residents who apply for the High School Equivalency Certificate may take the Constitution examination at an official GED® test center, an authorized Adult Education Program, or at the Regional Superintendent's Office. If applicants cannot appear in person (e.g., military personnel), they must advise the Regional Superintendent of the name and address of the Commanding Officer, Education Advisor, or School Principal who will agree to administer the Constitution examination under secure conditions and return it to the Regional Superintendent for evaluation. No fee shall be charged for this examination.


Constitution study guides may be purchased in all 3 of our offices for $2.00.



An applicant who fails to make the required scores on the GED® Tests has the option of taking the entire battery or the individual test which he or she has failed. Applicants who fail the Constitution examination will be permitted to review the subject matter and be retested at no cost.


Special Accommodation

Not all individuals can be fairly tested under standard conditions. If you have a documented learning disability, a physical disability, or an emotional disability, you may qualify for special accommodations when taking the GED® Tests. Request Form L-15 or Form SA-001 when you register to take the GED® Tests is you have special needs. If approved, special accommodations are provided at no additional charge to the GED® test-taker.


What Are The GED® Tests Like?

With the exception of Part II of the Language Arts: Writing Test, which requires an essay, all questions on the GED® Tests are multiple choice with five possible answers given. The questions range in difficulty from easy to hard, and cover a wide range of subjects. The content of the test are as follows:


Language Arts: Writing - Part I

(50 questions, 75 minutes)

30% Sentence Structure

30% Usage

25% Mechanics

15% Organization


Language Arts: Writing - Part II

(essay, 45 minutes)


Social Studies

(50 questions, 70 minutes)

25% U.S. History

25% Civics & Government

20% Economics

15% Geography

15% World History



(50 questions, 80 minutes)

45% Life Science

35% Physical Science

20% Earth & Space Science


Language Arts: Reading

(40 questions, 65 minutes)

75% Literacy Text

25% Nonfiction Prose


Mathematics - Part I (Calculator)

(25 questions, 45 minutes)


Mathematics - Part II (No Calculator)

(25 questions, 45 minutes)

20-30% Number, Number Sense & Operations

20-30% Measurement & Geometry

20-30% Data, Statistics & Probability

20-30% Algebra, Functions & Patterns


An applicant shall make a standard score of 410 or above on each of the five tests and a total standard score of at least 2,250 on the entire battery (average score 450 on all tests).